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Are You Anti-Social?

Why Every Business Should Have an Online Presence Big or small, businesses all over the world have turned to social media. An effective tool to promote your ideas, products and services, social media can build and grow your business. Yet some people are left unsure, skeptical of there being any real benefit to all the…

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Image Is Everything

“Does this make me look bad?” Ever since I’ve known my wife, this question has always been posed while getting ready for a night out or at a department store trying on a new outfit. I have been the sounding board/stylist for what she looks like in anything she puts on. Rightfully so. Everyone likes to…

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Branding Checklist for The New Year – Logo

It would be a perfect world if we could just design our logos once and never touch them again. But the real world isn’t so kind. It will pass you by and leave you in the dust if you’re not careful. In business, staying up-to-speed with your branding is important for long-term success. With the…