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Image of a table top with a board game.

Tabletop Treasures

Long before the days of electronic gaming, there existed nights spent around the kitchen table with friends and family. A table and dice covered in snack food crumbs, a tattered board game mat, hand-written score cards, laughter, PG-13 cursing. If it seems those nostalgic times are behind you, but definitely not beneath you, then you’ve…



So, how’s she goin’ eh? We love Canada. We love it so much that, for Canada’s 150 birthday, we came up with 150 reasons to love our country. And we launched it just in time for the Canada Day weekend on July 1st, 2017! How did we get started on such a huge endeavour?  …

An illustration of a brain with a rainbow

The More Hue Know

Ever wonder why a certain colour makes you feel something? Or why so many logos are either red or blue? For those able to see the full spectrum visible to humans, colour has powerful influence over the choices we make, affecting our psychology more than we realize. It’s kind of spooky and fascinating, but the…

Inktober header, desk view with paper and ink

Inktober 2017

What’s Inktober? Created by illustrator Jake Parker, Inktober is a call to action for artists to draw one ink illustration a day in October. Officially, the challenges are prompted by a word for each day to inspire artists with a theme. Our team set out to complete (almost) every drawing challenge for the month. The…

GenerEHtor… Finally!

A few months ago, the great collective minds at Generator Design decided to pay homage to Canada’s birthday by coming up with 150 things to celebrate about our great country called GenerEH!tor. It started out just fine. Everyone came up with their own ideas of who and what should be included. Inventions. Celebrities. Poets. Artists….