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Tasha’s Take: Being Young, Female & Employed.

While I have only been a full-time professional for about a year, I have definitely been a woman my whole life. I’ve been a woman in gyms, on sports teams, in workshops, business meetings, part-time jobs and in transit. I’ve been a woman in seven different countries and 24 college classrooms. I am very lucky…

Motion Graphics: Your Brand's Missing Chapter

Does My Brand Need Motion Graphics?

Behind every good brand is a story well told. But sometimes brands face a bit of writer’s block when communicating their stories to their demographics. Today, people are rarely without their mobile devices, making online advertising a must to reach any on-the-move target markets. This can pose a challenge for brands that aren’t themselves “on…

Gourmet Logo Design

Gourmet Logo Design

What a main course to behold. Paired with crisp line work, a perfectly arranged type treatment, and garnished with a sprig of colour, that logo of yours is the most decadent first bite your business can offer clients. The presentation is deceptively simple, but there’s much to be savoured in the marinade. Much like indulging…

An illustration of a brain with a rainbow

The More Hue Know

Ever wonder why a certain colour makes you feel something? Or why so many logos are either red or blue? For those able to see the full spectrum visible to humans, colour has powerful influence over the choices we make, affecting our psychology more than we realize. It’s kind of spooky and fascinating, but the…

Graphics featured on the Porsche trailer. Artwork by Mike Lovell.

Designer Pit Crew

It’s not every day that you get asked to custom wrap a Porsche. About a year ago, Brian Bendig, President of Cavalier Tool, presented a very interesting project to the Generator team. Having acquired a Porsche Cayman GT4, our client wanted us to have a bit of fun designing the decals for his new ride….