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Defining “Art” in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Generator—yes, we’re human.

If you have been following the news these past few months, you’ve undoubtedly come across articles and discussions on Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated art and copy. The dawn of this sophisticated technology has brought a lot of controversy when it comes to artists and their rights and moral obligations that come with these tools.

Adding A New Gear: Yuxuan Liu

Adding A New Gear: Yuxuan Liu

It’s not every day you get to talk about anime and sports with the same person, but Generator’s newest recruit has bridged the gap. Journeying from across the map to our own backyard, Generator is proud to present—and interview—developer extraordinaire, Yuxuan Liu!   Welcome to the team, Yuxuan! We hear you are originally from Beijing….

Pulp Non-Fiction Header

Pulp Non-Fiction

“Where did all the paper go?” Throughout the design industry are calls for more paper, more outsourcing, more news of stock shortages. We’re not saying print is dead, but even the paper industry is feeling the shred and crumple of the pandemic. Ironically, a contributor of this shortage comes straight from a decrease in paper…

Put Some Motion In Your Ocean

Put Some Motion in Your Ocean

How many times have you seen a brief animation or video on your social media feed or a company website? Probably quite a bit. Admit it: you might even watch a few seconds. It can’t be helped. Our brains are wired to seek out visual stimulation, particularly motion, and the more entertaining and engaging the…

Why Do Typos Happen?

We’ve all been there: you type out that text message, carefully compose that email, or (wink, wink) write that blog article. You give it a quick once over, relying on autocorrect and spellcheck to pick through the gritty details and hit that glorious ‘Send’ button. And that’s when you see it: the dreaded typo.   …