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Marvel By Design
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Generator Likes: Marvel By Design

We love to inspire ourselves every day. It’s what keeps our creativity flowing and our energy pumping. One of a designer’s best resources for inspiration has always been books; among them are compendiums, dictionaries, magazines, graphic novels, and comics. It’s no surprise that our team has more than a few of the latter kicking around! So when our Graphic & Social Media Specialist, Ryan, recently picked up the complete graphic design history of Marvel Comics, Marvel By Design, he was eager to share his review.

I’ve had my eye on this book for quite some time and finally got around to buying it. What is found in these pages in a gold mine from a historical and design perspective. Are you interested in Marvel’s colour theory? There’s an entire chapter devoted to that! You’ll find 50 pages devoted just to typography. Of course, any design fan will appreciate the section covering a comic book’s calling card: the logo!

Take it from Ryan—with high recommendation—that any fan interested in the history of the golden, silver, and modern age of comics and their relation to the 21st century will like this book. Learn more at

Written by

Ryan Richard

Social Media Specialist

Ryan is a multi-disciplined graphic designer, illustrator and motion artist with many years of experience in the advertising industry. He prides himself with an acute eye for strategy, detail and creativity. In his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and children, collecting toys and writing about himself in the third person.