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Defining “Art” in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Generator—yes, we’re human.

If you have been following the news these past few months, you’ve undoubtedly come across articles and discussions on Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated art and copy. The dawn of this sophisticated technology has brought a lot of controversy when it comes to artists and their rights and moral obligations that come with these tools.

Generator Likes: Stuck on VHS

Our social media specialist Ryan Richard is back with another ‘Generator Likes’ recommendation.

‘Stuck on VHS’ sets out to explore the ragtag and largely forgotten world of video store stickers. Detailing rental store logos, rewind reminders, genre indicators and a sundry of other old school ephemera, this wonderful book curates a truly sentimental collection of sticker art  that has been lost by the progress of design.

Marvel By Design

Generator Likes: Marvel By Design

We love to inspire ourselves every day. It’s what keeps our creativity flowing and our energy pumping. One of a designer’s best resources for inspiration has always been books; among them are compendiums, dictionaries, magazines, graphic novels, and comics. It’s no surprise that our team has more than a few of the latter kicking around!…

Why Do Typos Happen?

We’ve all been there: you type out that text message, carefully compose that email, or (wink, wink) write that blog article. You give it a quick once over, relying on autocorrect and spellcheck to pick through the gritty details and hit that glorious ‘Send’ button. And that’s when you see it: the dreaded typo.   …