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Generator Design is a complete advertising and design agency specializing in print, web, social media and email solutions for businesses.

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Visit Our Blog

  • Grace’s Corner Journal Entry 4

    Grace’s Corner Journal Entry 4

    Week five is officially over and I’m happy to write all about another great week of my internship. I feel that I’ve learned a lot this week, especially when it comes to more of the ideation and creative processes in an industry setting. I’ve been working on some more social media projects as well as…

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  • Grace’s Corner – Journal Entry 3

    Grace’s Corner – Journal Entry 3

    This week I’ve been hard at work on many different projects. I’m doing some revisions on some print mailers for Generator, as well as creating social media posts for several clients. On top of all the projects I’ve been able to get my hands on, this week I got to watch the eclipse from the…

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  • Do Followers Matter?

    Do Followers Matter?

    Picture this: you own a store mostly packed with customers who aren’t buying a single thing. Some of them are there to window shop, while others are telling you to visit their store or sell you their product or service. Finally, a customer comes up to make a purchase—someone you actually want to have around! Sound familiar? The performance…

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Through outstanding design, both visual and copy, the Generator team develops campaigns which are relevant and socially conscience underscoring their commitment to community awareness.

— James Fancsy, I&F Design