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Completed "Ayatul Kursi" by Salwa Najm

Under Exposed: Salwa Najm

Looking for an explosion of colour, typographical talent, an awesome attitude, and a seriously creative flair? Meet Salwa Najm, a local artist, businesswoman, and mother working to make the world a brighter place. An innovative and open minded consultant and facilitator, Salwa works at the Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women for The Startup Project….



So, how’s she goin’ eh? We love Canada. We love it so much that, for Canada’s 150 birthday, we came up with 150 reasons to love our country. And we launched it just in time for the Canada Day weekend on July 1st, 2017! How did we get started on such a huge endeavour?  …

Interview With the Intern Part Two: Olivia Pickering

My, how time flies! It’s been two months since we took Olivia Pickering under our wing as a design intern. Before we see off our fully fledged designer, we’ve asked Liv to share what the past couple months have been like for her at Generator.     After spending six weeks here at Generator Design,…

Olivia Pickering, Intern

Interview With the Intern: Olivia Pickering

  We have some very exciting news to announce today! Every spring, Generator Design welcomes aboard a third year Graphic Design intern to give them a head start on everyday life in the industry. Today we’d like to introduce everyone to Olivia Pickering who is joining us from St. Clair College! We had an opportunity to sit…

Gourmet Logo Design

Gourmet Logo Design

What a main course to behold. Paired with crisp line work, a perfectly arranged type treatment, and garnished with a sprig of colour, that logo of yours is the most decadent first bite your business can offer clients. The presentation is deceptively simple, but there’s much to be savoured in the marinade. Much like indulging…