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Completed "Ayatul Kursi" by Salwa Najm
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Under Exposed: Salwa Najm

Salwa Najm, Taqwa Art

Looking for an explosion of colour, typographical talent, an awesome attitude, and a seriously creative flair? Meet Salwa Najm, a local artist, businesswoman, and mother working to make the world a brighter place.

An innovative and open minded consultant and facilitator, Salwa works at the Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women for The Startup Project. She holds a BBA in Accounting and Organizational Studies from Nipissing University in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other. When she isn’t teaching up a storm or motivating women about the power of business, you can find Salwa burning the midnight oil by putting acrylic to canvas.


Her most famous accomplishment was a licensing agreement with Universal Studios for two of her art pieces featured in the motion picture “Furious 7”. Her creative work was also on displayed at at the Sacred Scroll Exhibit in Ohio. Salwa thrives on debunking stereotypes, and chooses to lead by example. She has selflessly donated her time and several pieces of original artwork to efforts to raise money for disadvantaged families in Windsor and the Middle East.

Be sure to visit Salwa’s Facebook page for more of her vibrant art!



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