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So, how’s she goin’ eh?

We love Canada. We love it so much that, for Canada’s 150 birthday, we came up with 150 reasons to love our country. And we launched it just in time for the Canada Day weekend on July 1st, 2017! How did we get started on such a huge endeavour?


It went a little something like this:


“Canada’s 150th birthday is coming up. How can we contribute?”


This was the question that started it all during one staff lunch. Turning 150 is a big deal. Not something for which you can just stick candles in a poutine and crack open a two-four case to celebrate. Well, you can. But to look beyond the prairies and the maple syrup and rediscover the heroes and the landmarks of this country; to recognize what makes Canada, Canada. The conversation opened up in between mouthfuls of food.


“Well, there’s Niagara Falls.”

“Don Cherry.”

“And JAVA.”

“Like the coffee?”

“No, the programming language.”

“What? That’s Canadian?”


The give and take grew livelier, full of increasingly impressive Canadian trivia, when suddenly:

“What if we made a fact generator—“

“A Gener-Eh!-tor!”


And so the Generator Team, with the energy of five extra-large Double-Doubles, set forth into brainstorming ideas, jotting down every truly Canadian thing. Pages were filled, illustrations were sketched. We soon realized that if our small and mighty team was able to pool together so many points over lunch, that our project would surely benefit from the contributions of others. So we asked social media to send in their suggestions too, and before we knew it, we had our 150 amazing reasons Canada is such an amazing country.

After compiling our chosen 150 uniquely Canadian factoids, we added them for all to enjoy on the GenerEH!tor. This website featured tiles with a simplified Canadian icon that would flip with the hover of a mouse to reveal information about it.

While the website is gone, we’ve added them here for you to enjoy all 150 reasons Canada rocks from Eh to Zed; just in time for another Canada Day weekend.



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