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Interview With the Intern Part Two: Olivia Pickering

My, how time flies! It’s been two months since we took Olivia Pickering under our wing as a design intern. Before we see off our fully fledged designer, we’ve asked Liv to share what the past couple months have been like for her at Generator.



After spending six weeks here at Generator Design, I have verified that they do not in fact sell generators. I can also confirm that I had the best time learning and working with everyone on the team! I have learned so much about design in my time here. Everyone welcomed me so warmly… well, everyone except for Leia the Sheltie; her herding instinct was in full gear every time I left the room as if to bark, “Get back to work!”. Her intentions were good.


I learned the importance of time management. I can now juggle multiple projects simultaneously during my eight-hour day at the office. Nothing like a half hour episode of The Office; Jose and Alan are nothing like Micheal Scott, I still had a lot of fun!


My first day here, I was nervous that I was going to make mistakes and that I wasn’t going to do a good job. I was also worried that I was going to be assigned a project that I wouldn’t be able to do, but that wasn’t the case. Every project I was briefed on I understood clearly. I got familiar with how to work the various systems that Generator uses every day. Even though I had plenty of questions, everyone was happy to help me out with them. I was super excited to have my very own desk with a great view of the street!


The rest of my first week flew by—I was kept pretty busy with projects—while the next week felt like it lasted a day. I slowly started to notice that I was becoming a morning person; I have never been a fan of getting out of bed in the morning. But I found myself turning my alarm off right at the buzzer because I was couldn’t wait to get to the office each day, excited about all the various design possibilities on my plate. The coffee machine in the conference room was great for that afternoon boost!


Before I knew it, I had entered the final week of my internship. Graphic/Social Media Specialist Jess came to my desk to talk about coming up with a blog about my six weeks here, which brings us to what you’re reading now! On my final day, Alan and Jose got the team Naples Pizza and drinks (I brought in a bunch of goodies as well) and we enjoyed a fun lunch together. All else that I can say is that I am really thankful for this opportunity to work for a great company like Generator. So, thanks!




If you’re wondering about the main photo of this blog, Liv has a special place in her heart for cacti. On her last day at Generator, she wore every cactus-themed piece of apparel she had and so posed for a farewell shot with Jess’ and Katie’s cactuars. Liv, it was a pleasure working with you! On behalf of the Generator Team (and Leia), we wish you all the best in your creative endeavours.



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