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Completed "Ayatul Kursi" by Salwa Najm

Under Exposed: Salwa Najm

Looking for an explosion of colour, typographical talent, an awesome attitude, and a seriously creative flair? Meet Salwa Najm, a local artist, businesswoman, and mother working to make the world a brighter place. An innovative and open minded consultant and facilitator, Salwa works at the Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women for The Startup Project….

Your Business, Your Baby

It’s here! It’s finally arrived! Having a brand new business, product or message for all the world to see is exciting. You’ve played through scenarios, read the books, observed the trends, and want to manage it all. You suddenly find yourself faced with questions and uncertainty about what’s best for your business, unsure of who…

Your Business, Your Temple

“I just haven’t had the time,” those famous words spoken by everyone at some point. Just the other day, I was messaging a potential client and old friend about a referral she passed along to me. As we spoke she sarcastically commented that she is still “the only business without a website”. She claimed to…

My Rookie Season of Fatherhood

I’m a terrible juggler. It’s 5:53 am. I just turned off my alarm after hitting snooze three times. I’m having a mental argument with myself to get up and do my morning run, get up and get my work day started, or roll back into bed and sleep, because our 6-month old daughter Isla and…