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An Intern Adieu : Kristina Kim

How fast 6 weeks flies by. It was at that time that we were all introduced to Kristina Kim – our latest vict… *ahem*… intern from St. Clair College. She walked in the building wide eyed and ready to take on the professional world of graphic design. During her time here, we threw everything at…

Interview with the Intern : Kristina Kim

This spring we have the wonderful opportunity to take on another Graphic Design intern from St. Clair College, Kristina Kim. It’s always a pleasure having an intern in the office who we can teach some of our tricks of the trade, and Kristina is picking it all up, very quickly. She came to us packed…

Olivia Pickering, Intern

Interview With the Intern: Olivia Pickering

  We have some very exciting news to announce today! Every spring, Generator Design welcomes aboard a third year Graphic Design intern to give them a head start on everyday life in the industry. Today we’d like to introduce everyone to Olivia Pickering who is joining us from St. Clair College! We had an opportunity to sit…

Graphics featured on the Porsche trailer. Artwork by Mike Lovell.

Designer Pit Crew

It’s not every day that you get asked to custom wrap a Porsche. About a year ago, Brian Bendig, President of Cavalier Tool, presented a very interesting project to the Generator team. Having acquired a Porsche Cayman GT4, our client wanted us to have a bit of fun designing the decals for his new ride….

A Flood of Support

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. I promise this story has a happy ending. But you’ll need a bit of a backstory and personal perspective first. August 28th and 29th, 2017 are days Windsorites will always remember. Our city was hit with a storm the likes of which we typically don’t see,…