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Anna’s Corner – Journal Entry 5

And just like that—it’s over. My internship with Generator went by so fast! These past 6 weeks have been a memorable and amazing experience. I’ve worked on various projects, tasks and meetings. I designed for print, motion, production, social media, illustration and copywriting—a little bit of everything. I’ve learned new techniques and discovered new skills. I picked up new habits while designing and refined my working process. It has been an honour to meet and work with the incredible staff during my time at Generator.

Transitioning from the college environment to a working design agency, I feel I’m able to take it and run with it. From pursuing this process, it’s been thrilling to apply my skillset on the projects I’ve created. Getting to this point has been very rewarding. I’ve achieved my position by maintaining a strong work ethic and excellent time management during school and internship.

I am happy to say I will continuing on with Generator and I am looking forward to seeing where my future will take me. I am excited to stay working and pursuing what I love to do everyday.

Written by

Anna Turner


Anna graduated from St. Clair College with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. She takes a detailed approach to every project and focuses on solving problems through design in an effective, impactful, and simple way. Her cats keep her company while working as she’s an art lover.