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Anna’s Corner – Journal Entry 3

This week I’ve been busy working on many projects! I started off with print production and social media posts for Generator. I created a double-page ad in French and enjoyed bouncing between different programs to get the projects done. Creating a layout and combining text with images with the end goal in mind has been a rewarding process.


Revisions can take some time, so I’ll get another coffee while I wait. I keep busy with projects and blog posts and recently worked on designing a template for a construction company. The goal was to be able to swap out information and photos while staying consistent with the brand. Working on different types of projects gives me the ability to be creative and design impactful work while staying organized.


I enjoy coming into the office and sparking conversations with everyone, chatting about how our days are going and talking about projects. Mando greets me every morning at my desk and shows everyone the latest toy he’s playing with for the day!

Written by

Anna Turner


Anna graduated from St. Clair College with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. She takes a detailed approach to every project and focuses on solving problems through design in an effective, impactful, and simple way. Her cats keep her company while working. Anna is an avid art lover.