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Anna’s Corner – Journal Entry 4

Like many creatives, I’ve been fascinated with art ever since I could hold a pencil. I began drawing and taking art more seriously in high school and took drawing and painting classes outside of school while studying graphic design. This was a turning point for my success. I watched and learned everything my instructor was teaching. As the pencil hit the paper, my instructor seemed to draw with confidence, passion and style. My passion for the industry grew as I attended St. Clair College in the graphic design program.


My eyes were opened to the design world as my skillset developed with each project I created. I was a sponge in each class and applied what I learned from previous projects to new ones. I realized I didn’t have a favourite course—I liked all of them. I knew I didn’t want to be good at one specific class. I was excited to explain my choices, share my opinion and showcase my hard work.


Everyone has a different workflow and I explored my own, starting with concepts, developing a tone and jumping into the production process. Taking the design agency course allowed me to lean into my workflow and discover the choices I made with each piece. Consistency, practice and repetition were key to exploring what works best—I’ve seen a major difference between when I started and where I am now.


Interning at Generator has given me the chance to apply my knowledge to all sorts of projects. This week I’m continuing revisions on a product template and putting portfolio pieces together for social media. I enjoy creating these posts in Photoshop; creating layouts and effects to capture the viewer’s eye.


I’ve learned so much already, I can’t believe I only have one journal left!

Written by

Anna Turner


Anna graduated from St. Clair College with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. She takes a detailed approach to every project and focuses on solving problems through design in an effective, impactful, and simple way. Her cats keep her company while working. Anna is an avid art lover.