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A Pipe Dream’s End: Welcome to Generator, Katie!

My name is Katie. I’m Generator’s newest Graphic/Web Specialist. And I must admit: I have an addiction. I’m obsessed with creating fun, new things. All the time. I can’t stop. It all started when I was little. LEGO, Play-Doh and K’nex were the gateway tools to blame, the culprits of many a child’s creativity. I…

Gorillaz (R)evolution

Since the dawn of the 2000s, a group of musicians have been redefining the music scene. They’ve been hybridizing, synthesizing, and downright mesmerizing. And they’re not even real. Well, not quite. In animated form there’s 2-D (lead vocals, keyboards), Murdoc Niccals (bass guitar), Noodle (guitar, keyboards) and Russel Hobbs (drums and percussion). In reality, this English…

Our Favourite Christmas Memories

To get into the spirit of the season, everyone here at Generator has a Christmas memory to share. We’ve put together our fondest memories for your Christmastime reading enjoyment. So light the fire, get yourself some cookies and cocoa, and experience Christmases long, long ago (well, not that long ago).           Christmas…


Ever expected something to be more than it really is? Being in the advertising and design industry, we’re often tasked with helping companies sell their products and ideas. Hype-building is essential, especially when marketing large projects. Drawing consumers in, encouraging purchases and engagement, and giving them a taste of what’s to come helps ensure profits….