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Eh! A Look At Canada’s New Passport

Canadian identity has long been defined by its mosaic culture, from its peoples and traditions, to cuisine and the arts, and everything in-poutine, er, between.

The unveiling of a new Canadian passport design has added to the conversation of national identity; while several familiar Canadian icons have been retired, fresh depictions of diversity, wildlife, and landscapes now fill our passport’s pages. If it’s Canadian icons you’re looking for, we’ve got 150 of them for you here.

Being the designers that we are, we were excited to investigate the fancy new features of the look for what it is—collectively wondering if the passport is maple-scented—to highlight some of its nifty features.


True North, Strong and Blue

Blue Passport


Just as before, our regular passport will remain navy blue, but they do come in other colours. Want a red passport? Sorry, those are just for diplomats. How about a white one? Those are only given as temporary passports at Canadian embassies. Green? Sure, if you’re a Member of Parliament.

King Charles III

One of the first in the Commonwealth to do so, Canada’s new passport makes reference to King Charles III. The Coat of Arms remains the same as before, as the passport was a multi-year production process before approval of a new Coat of Arms.

Ten-Year Tenure


Our new 37-page passport is replacing a decade-old 36-page design from 2013. Before 2013, Canadian passports had a whopping 48 pages; the number of pages was reduced with the introduction of e-Passports.

Temperature Sensitive


We can’t wait to get our new passports to test this one out: the data page features a maple leaf icon that disappears when covered by your finger. Unless it’s January…and your fingers are frozen.

Enhanced Security Features

Source ServiceCanadaE via Youtube

Perhaps the biggest change to our passport is the page with your information. Overtop of the passport holder’s photo is a Kinegram for an added layer of security and a custom see-through window with a secondary image of the portrait. Personal information now comes in a proprietary typeface, laser-engraved onto polycarbonate thermoplastic pages. Goodbye, ink-printing.

Variable Laser Images



With an emphasis on nature, throughout the passport are images depicting seasonal events and activities that appear one way in normal light and as another season under ultraviolet light. As an added treat, the designs become more vivid after exposure to UV light.

We’re Number Four! We’re Number Four!

That’s pretty great in terms of security and accessibility. According to the Passport Index, Canada’s passport ranks fourth in all the world, granting us access to over 170 visa-on-arrival or visa-free countries.

See You In Summer

Apply now, as there will be backlogs abound. If you manage to obtain one in time for your summer travels, you’ll be among the first to show off these features to your friends around the world.


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