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Grace’s Corner – Journal Entry 2

Another week in the books! My time at Generator is going by fast but I’m now more settled in the industry environment. Although there are the occasional growing pains as a new designer, I feel my growth has been exponential since beginning three weeks ago!

This week, I’ve been working on several different pieces, from designing social media graphics to print mailers. I’m enjoying being able to work on a range of different projects as it’s pushing me to improve in every aspect. I’m learning a lot from the team, taking feedback and revisions that are given and using them to improve my work. I’ve also been working on quite a bit of motion graphics; I was apprehensive of having to do this on my placement, but I needed practice with it! Since working on a few motion pieces, I’ve felt much more confident in creating them through repetition. It’s a cool experience seeing my work being posted online and getting out there!

My time in the classroom may be over, but I’m continuing to learn a lot as I progress to an industry-ready professional. Being in a fast-paced industry environment for my internship has helped me to gain confidence in my work and in my abilities as a graphic designer.

I’m looking forward to the next three weeks of my internship here at Generator and I hope I can keep gaining all the knowledge I can before my internship here is complete!

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