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A Font Farewell: Avatar Says Goodbye to Papyrus

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3-Minute Read. Papyrus. Dramatic sigh. When designers are asked to name their least favourite fonts, Papyrus just might make their list, right under Comic Sans. While you can expect Comic Sans to be a typographical standby on bulletin board posters in staff rooms, you’d certainly never expect to see it make a professional appearance on…

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Adding a New Gear: Tasha Cadence

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3-Minute Read. Windsor is a mighty city. Home to the Generator Design team, a burgeoning tech and art community—and all the gourmet pizza and shawarma one could hope for—the YQG boasts homegrown talent and shining ability from beyond alike. Even with our Southwestern Ontario perks, when you’re a design company looking to hire, sometimes a…

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Does My Brand Need Motion Graphics?

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Behind every good brand is a story well told. But sometimes brands face a bit of writer’s block when communicating their stories to their demographics. Today, people are rarely without their mobile devices, making online advertising a must to reach any on-the-move target markets. This can pose a challenge for brands that aren’t themselves “on…

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Client’s Corner: Golden Rescue

Client's Corner | Comments

Golden Rescue, one of Canada’s largest single-breed dog rescue groups, is a non-profit registered charitable organization. Run entirely by volunteers, they work hard to ensure that every Golden brought into the program is placed with a safe and loving forever family. Since 1990, they have found homes for surrendered, abandoned, unwanted or displaced Golden Retrievers. Golden…

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Under Exposed: Salwa Najm

Under Exposed | Comments

Looking for an explosion of colour, typographical talent, an awesome attitude, and a seriously creative flair? Meet Salwa Najm, a local artist, businesswoman, and mother working to make the world a brighter place. An innovative and open minded consultant and facilitator, Salwa works at the Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women for The Startup Project….