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Grace’s Corner Journal Entry 4

Week five is officially over and I’m happy to write all about another great week of my internship. I feel that I’ve learned a lot this week, especially when it comes to more of the ideation and creative processes in an industry setting.

I’ve been working on some more social media projects as well as mailers for Generator. I really enjoying coming to the office everyday and being able to design. Curveballs are always a part of the process in arriving at the final product, but it’s the improvements made after each revision that really make everything come together. I’ve made many revisions in the projects I have worked on during these last five weeks. It’s through that process of learning what works and what doesn’t that each piece gets stronger.

I’m so thankful to the Generator team for the advice they have given me to improve my workflow and design skills. This internship has been a great learning experience and being able to learn from talented professionals in an office environment has helped me improve my work and how I approach my projects. I’ve learned much more about the process of business and design decisions that have to be made in each project.

Next week is my last week at Generator. It’s crazy how fast time flies. I hope I can make a great end to what has been an excellent experience of growth throughout my time here.

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