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Adding A New Gear - Bobola Obi

Adding A New Gear: Bobola Obi

Once upon a time, a lone web developer rang the doorbell at Generator Design and got himself hired. True story, and in true Generator fashion, our latest addition to the team must pass the gauntlet of a wacky interview with our Social Media team. Presenting web ninja Bobola Obi: may the odd be ever in…

Eh! A Look At Canada’s New Passport

Canadian identity has long been defined by its mosaic culture, from its peoples and traditions, to cuisine and the arts, and everything in-poutine, er, between. The unveiling of a new Canadian passport design has added to the conversation of national identity; while several familiar Canadian icons have been retired, fresh depictions of diversity, wildlife, and landscapes…

Under Exposed: Ratul Debnath

Here’s a background that’s sure to inspire you. Let’s get to know recent Windsor resident and commercial photographer Ratul Debnath. Ratul has a background in mechanical engineering and automotive manufacturing. From the onset of his photography career in 2008, he has looked to study and capture interaction. Interaction of subjects with their environment, interaction of…

Interview With The Intern: Anna Turner

Interview With The Intern: Anna Turner

Here at Generator Design, the onset of spring weather is synonymous with a jumping point in every fledgling graphic designer’s journey: internship. This year, we are proud to be able to take under wing a talented recent graduate of the St. Clair College Centre for the Arts Graphic Design program: Anna Turner! During her six-week…

Defining “Art” in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Generator—yes, we’re human.

If you have been following the news these past few months, you’ve undoubtedly come across articles and discussions on Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated art and copy. The dawn of this sophisticated technology has brought a lot of controversy when it comes to artists and their rights and moral obligations that come with these tools.