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Interview With the Intern: Grace Howe

It’s officially Spring and we’re all looking forward to favourable weather, more daylight, and colours that aren’t white or grey! It’s also a time for new beginnings; that couldn’t be more true for every recent graduate of St. Clair College’s Graphic Design program. Of course, we’re talking about the fabled Internship. In your first year, you heard stories about it. By second year, you started thinking about it. Before you knew it, third year had arrived and you actually had to do it.

An internship can be a panic-inducing, stressful time for any student, especially in this industry. The creative freedom and longer deadlines of the classroom vastly different from an office or studio environment. That’s why it’s important to gain some real world experience.

This year, we are happy to welcome Grace Howe to the Generator team. Over the next six weeks, Grace will be experiencing the daily life of an industry graphic designer. In the true Generator fashion, let’s learn more about Grace.

Where did your love for art come from? When did it start and how did it drive you towards a career in design?

My love for art goes all the way back to the time of stick figures in elementary school; I’ve always loved art!! As long as I can remember, I have had an appreciation for art. But since taking media art, photography and visual art classes in high school, I’ve found it’s my biggest passion and it’s driven me to pursue a career as a creative.

Speaking of elementary school, what inspired you as a child and what inspires you now?

This is a hard to question to answer as I feel so many things have and continue to inspire me. Things that inspired me as a child would definitely have been my family, nature and my cats; all of which you could find me drawing with the sun in the corner of the page with sunglasses (we’ve all done it, don’t lie). I am inspired now similarly, in addition to things such as old music, artists and designers I follow on instagram and the amazing creatives I have met throughout my time at St. Clair College that inspire me to keep pursuing what I love.

Are there any artists and/or designers do you look up?

Yes! Too many to name them all, however I really love Matisse, Keith Haring, and Viki Lester who is a very talented illustrator. They all give me great inspiration and I look up to what they have accomplished with their work.

Having great sources of inspiration is so important both inside the classroom and outside. Now that you’re finished the in-class portion of the graphic design program at St. Clair College, what are you hoping to learn and experience here at Generator?

I am hoping that my time at Generator will not only provide me with valuable working experience as I enter into my career, but teach me more about industry practices and standards in a real working environment.

As a design student, you’re obviously well-versed in the Adobe Creative Suite. What’s your favourite design software to work with?

Do I have to choose just one? Alright, my favourite software is going to have to be illustrator, it’s just something about those vectors.

Vectors are limitless, just like the possibilities of design. What areas of the industry do you love the most? Is there any particular aspect that you want to specialize in?

I would love to specialize in layout, packaging and brand design. Though I do like to try and be flexible as I know it’s important in this industry.

Outside of graphic design, what are you hobbies? What interests you?

Outside of graphic design I am an avid vinyl record collector (especially of the 60’s-70’s variety), a painter, a self-taught guitarist, and an animal lover.

If there’s one thing we love at Generator, it’s animals. Has Mando tried to steal your lunch? If he hasn’t yet, he will – he’s a sneaky one.

He hasn’t stolen anything yet, but he was eyeing up my sandwich today. I was proud of myself for resisting the urge to give in to the puppy dog eyes!

It’s hard to resist those big eyes, we understand. If you were a colour, what colour would you be and why?

I think I would be lavender. It’s a calm and gentle colour which is not only my favourite colour but what I think reflects me.


You have a tight deadline, your project isn’t finished and your mouse has 2% battery life left. Emma stole your charging cable because that’s what she does! What do you do?

a) Turn the dial to eleven and speed through it.
b) Abandon all hope and call it a day.
c) Hide under your desk and hope that somehow everything works out.
d) Go old-school and get those pencils, markers and rulers out.

I choose A! 2% battery is no match for the speeds I can get up to under pressure!

Stay tuned for weekly journal entries direct from Grace during her internship at Generator Design! Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages for updates.

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