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Adding A New Gear: Bobola Obi

Once upon a time, a lone web developer rang the doorbell at Generator Design and got himself hired. True story, and in true Generator fashion, our latest addition to the team must pass the gauntlet of a wacky interview with our Social Media team. Presenting web ninja Bobola Obi: may the odd be ever in your favour.

Welcome to the team, Bobola! Tell us a bit about where you’re from.

I’m originally from Nigeria, a vibrant and diverse country known for its rich culture and lively spirit. It’s an interesting mix of traditional values and modern aspirations.

Nigeria sounds like an amazing country! What do find is the biggest difference being in Canada?

Hmm! The biggest difference about being in Canada is the drastic change in climate. Overall, it’s a different environment with a different set of challenges and opportunities. Although some parts of Toronto shockingly remind me of parts of the city I grew up in.

Our winters are freezing, our summers are humid, but from Windsor to Toronto there’s plenty to do year-round! What are some of your hobbies?

I love doodling, music, art, photography, and exploring philosophical and psychological ideas. You’ll often find me with my headphones on, lost in the world of music, code, or deep in a philosophical rabbit hole.

Excelsior! You woke up this morning with pretty cool abilities. What are your powers—and are you a superhero or a villain?

I am not sure how I would use my powers, but I would love to be able to play any scenario and see the outcomes. Hopefully, that would help me invent something super! Or maybe just create ice out of nowhere… I would love to be a villain to people who love the heat of summer. All my drinks will be cold!

Good thing we keep our office chilly. What made you want to become a web developer?

Web? Spiders?! I hate them! Just kidding. Growing up, one of my favourite books was The Big Book of Knowledge by John Farndon and Angela Koo. It introduced me to many different topics, from science to history to art. The book influenced me down the line to build things, and becoming a developer was a no-brainer that allowed me to build something useful to everyone. Building code is less expensive than building robots!

It sounds like you a have thirst for knowledge! What’s something else you would love to learn more about?

I would love to learn more about planets. Are they real? Does Jupiter taste like chocolate cotton candy? I NEED TO KNOW!

What’s your favourite food?

I really like Pepsi and Coke. A heartier option would be some black tea with lots of milk, sugar, and ice! I love pounded yam and egusi soup—I haven’t had that in ages. Next to that, I love potatoes with my special recipe scrambled eggs.

Oh no! Alan is playing strange music over the office sound system…again. You counter it by playing:

a) The same Country Western song on repeat.
b) Death Metal sung by dogs barking.
c) Whale sounds.
d) A kazoo.
e) Other ______________

c.) WHALE SOUNDS. Maybe Aquaman will hear it and come save us!


Tell us about your idea of the perfect day off—as your favourite animal. 

Well, it would be a classic panda day because—let’s be real—a day as a panda would be the perfect day off. Just chilling, munching bamboo, and living that laid-back panda life is living the dream!

Bobola is a recent graduate of St. Clair College’s Mobile Application Development program.

As a software developer, my curiosity fuels my drive, and I firmly believe that teamwork is the spark that ignites innovation. While I thrive in a team setting, my ability to take the reins on a project and work autonomously really gives me an edge.

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