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Under Exposed: Duke Comic Art
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Under Exposed: David Jacob Duke

David Jacob Duke

Now, here’s a story to “marvel” over. Based out of our very own Windsor, Ontario, David Jacob Duke is a multifunctional, multiverse creative. Perhaps best-known for his art studio, Duke Comic Art, David’s illustrative passion pays faithful tribute to a plethora of comic book characters.

“Like for many people, my fascination for comics started at an early age,” says Duke. “Every spare moment was spent drawing superheroes. I’ve always felt that they are like our modern day myths and legends.”

Duke’s high school enrolment in the Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts is where he says it all began. At the age of 17, the burgeoning artist opened a comic book store called Dimensional Doorways on the corner of Pillette and Wyandotte. “I wasn’t even old enough to own a business so it had to be in my father’s name.”

While the comic book shop lasted only a year, it came with the silver lining of acceptance into the Traditional Animation program at Sheridan College. “I worked in the animation industry on cartoons for several years, and on one Warner Brothers feature animation: Looney Tunes: Back In Action. To this day, I’ve still never watched it.”

Duke later branched off from animation, specializing in web and graphic design to promote his art. “Before long, I was being hired to do web and graphic design for others, and from there I began teaching at St. Clair College,” says Duke. “I taught there for several years until I decided to go back to my own business full time.”

His return to regular illustration paid off. In 2017, Duke produced a few comic book sketch covers in preparation for his first table at a comic convention. “Sketch covers are comics that have been printed with a blank cover, except for the logo, so that artists can easily draw their own cover art,” he explains. By 2020, another silver lining had presented itself. “It wasn’t until the pandemic that I started to do sketch covers quite regularly—I’ve drawn over 200 covers that have been sold so far!”

Whether you’re a DC or a Marvel fan, there’s an art piece for every comic aficionado at Duke Comic Art. Be sure to check out more of his incredible work at www.duke.gallery. Enjoy a sample below!

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