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Pulp Non-Fiction

“Where did all the paper go?” Throughout the design industry are calls for more paper, more outsourcing, more news of stock shortages.

We’re not saying print is dead, but even the paper industry is feeling the shred and crumple of the pandemic.

Ironically, a contributor of this shortage comes straight from a decrease in paper stock demand over the years and its effect on the paper mills. As less paper for print was needed, mills consolidated and converted to producing other paper products.

High demand industry products, such as cardboard boxes for online deliveries, paper straws in restaurants, and toilet paper, simply mean there is less wood pulp to go around for everything else.

As frustrating as a paper shortage might feel to customers looking to advertise, all hope is not lost. Here are just a few ways we recommend to stay active with design and advertising in the face of this paper shortage:


Get Social

Your best friend. These days, everyone with a phone, a tablet, or a computer has at least one social media account on Facebook, instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond. Are you reaching your customers online?

Get Moving

Designs brought to life. While printed design offers a tactile experience, motion graphics deliver messages with enhanced visuals. Find out why motion graphics are your brand’s missing chapter.

Get Updated

Use this time to consider rebranding your business. Taking time to evaluate your image, your direction, and your needs is a must for every business.

Get Printing

Yes—despite a paper shortage, there is still paper—whew! Be mindful of additional time to have a printed piece in your hands, but print hasn’t been extinguished. Consider a different paper stock, size and medium for your next project in the event a particular favourite is unavailable. Print still reaches people in a familiar, offline way and should be at the top of your list.

While no one can be certain of when paper availability will return to pre-pandemic levels, you can feel confident that your advertising needs are met with a variety of solutions. And while we might be frustrated with a bit less of our favourite paper stock, we can all agree one thing: toilet paper is more important.


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