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2016 – A Gear In Review

As 2016 winds down, Jose and Alan would like to take a moment to reflect on 20 years of business.

We are so proud and honoured to have such an amazing team of skilled professionals at our side. We have Rachel, the silent web-ninja who always takes on anything we throw at her, embracing each and every challenge with skill and dedication. There is Jessica, our newest edition – the quirky artist-at-heart who constantly offers creativity, deep thoughts and positive messaging. And last, but certainly not least, we have Barb. She’s been a rock who has selflessly stood by us for nearly two decades. She brings the keen eye of a writer and her years of wisdom to the table.

To everyone who has passed through our doors – whether you’ve worked for us or interned with us, thank you. Each and every one of you helped us to grow in some way. We enjoy keeping in touch and watching you succeed in your own lives and careers.

We also have our families to thank. Generator would never have been possible without the help of Jose’s and Alan’s parents offering all the support they could, especially during the early years as wet-eared 20-year-olds bumbling through the industry. To Jessica and Samantha, thank you for being a solid foundation through all these long years and accepting the hours of dedication that it takes to run a company. To our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and friends – you are all part of our success.

To our suppliers and associates – thank you for making us look good! We choose to work with only the best in the industry. Your care, service, and dedication to us throughout all the years is a reflection of your own success.

Lastly, to our clients: Thank you for supporting us, seeing the value in our products, and offering your loyalty. Some of you have grown alongside us throughout the years and it is a continued privilege to work with you. It is a huge understatement to say that we would not be here without all of you.

We want to wish our best to all of you in the upcoming year. We hope to see another 20 years with you by our side!

Happy New Year.


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