20 Signs You Might Be a Graphic Designer

Whether you’re a graphic designer or know one, chances are you can relate to the following.


You’ve been asked to jazz something up.

You cry when there’s more text coming.

You have that one favourite font.

You’ve been asked to make the logo bigger.

Blinking comes second to saving your work.

You’ve been referred to as a miracle worker.

You’ve heard: “Can you design something quick?”

“Pinterest Time” fills you with excitement.

You’ve had a run-in with a box cutter.

You explain computers don’t “do all the work”.

You critique restaurant menus before ordering.

You’ve corrected the pronunciation of “Cyan”.

Font identifier websites are in your Bookmarks.

Dinner has been eaten at your keyboard.

Project_Final_FINAL.psd has been a thing.

You’ve bought something because of it’s design.

You have too many browser tabs open.

You critique signage and logos while on the road.

You try to Ctrl+Z something you’ve said.

You’ve used Chartreuse in a sentence.