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Valentine’s Day Ad Roundup from 2015

I can’t decide whether I like Christmas or Valentine’s Day ads more.

Christmas is the season of giving. It’s characterized by merriment, family, and plenty of food. Valentine’s Day on the other hand is a day for celebrating romance – new and old. Consequently, both are great opportunities to make impactful ads.

In honour of Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, I’ve rounded up my favourite Valentine’s Day ads from 2015 so you can decide which commercials you like better. Maybe you don’t have a preference!

A good ad is a good ad, right?


1) Valentine’s Day ads don’t have to be mushy and this one certainly isn’t. Best blind date ever?


2) I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of Coca Cola commercials. They bring people together like they do in this ad. Plus, I like a good spectacle. My favourite “vending machine” commercial, though, is by Molson Canadian.


3) The first time I ever watched a Dumb Ways To Die video, I liked it immediately because the song was catchy. Add in the twist that DWTD is actually a campaign for train safety and you’ve got creative gold.


4) I like that Google uses one of its most commonly used features to make an ad. It makes it relatable.


5) In its full six-minute, three-story format, Cartier shows love from the perspectives of three very different couples. By doing so, it shows love at three different stages, making a connection to different demographics in one spot.


6) Finally, the tearjerker that went viral. Moving human rights advocates everywhere.


While I fully respect (and bow down to) creative and clever ads, the most memorable ones for me are the ones that move me (to tears, usually).

Which of these ads were memorable for you? 

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