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Image Is Everything

“Does this make me look bad?”

Ever since I’ve known my wife, this question has always been posed while getting ready for a night out or at a department store trying on a new outfit. I have been the sounding board/stylist for what she looks like in anything she puts on. Rightfully so. Everyone likes to look their best and we all like to put our best foot forward in everything we do, especially the way we look and the way we are portrayed to others.

Since my wife and I have had kids our “Image” or style has been the last thing on our minds. Heck, the kids look better than we do most of the time. We are so exhausted for the most part that we tend to put on the same outfits day to day just to function.


Generator Design | Image Is EverythingSource: The Classy Issue


I guess the question I’m getting to, is image everything? Does it really matter what you look like? I’m sure a lot of people would say no, don’t judge a book by its cover, while others would say that it is an external expression of your personality and self respect.

In my industry, that is what I do. I create graphics that best communicates a company’s brand to the public so their customers buy into their service or product. I look at it similarly in the way people dress for certain situations. You wouldn’t wear a snowsuit to the beach and go swimming or wear a clown costume to a funeral. If you did, I don’t think the effectiveness and response would be very positive.

When I have created logos for clients and explain the importance of brand imagery, I have tried to use those scenarios to let them know it’s not just a pretty graphic. A well-designed brand image should be effective and represent you in the best possible way.

I’m not saying that a new logo will make you a millionaire. However, I have worked with very successful clients that have had challenges. Their brand image wasn’t what they felt was portraying them properly, even though they were multi-million dollar companies. Potential customers thought that they were not as professional as they claimed to be because they appeared to be amateurs who couldn’t handle their project. I believe if your brand image is representing you in the best light, it serves many purposes for you in business.


Generator Design | Image Is Everything


It communicates that you respect and care about your company and how it is presented to the public. Your customers will see how passionate you are for your own company and services which in-turn will do the same for them.

I believe a good brand image or strong logo works as a tool to attract more customers, helps support your marketing material and communicates and focuses on what makes you great.

Overall it makes your company more attractive. In this day and age we are drawn to visuals to help us make decisions in our daily lives. I remember a particular episode of a sitcom that explains this perfectly. It’s a family dinner and the daughter unexpectedly introduces her new boyfriend who she’s been dating for quite some time. The parents are struggling with this awkward situation. While the daughter tries to explain/defend how great a person he is, her father stops and asked the boyfriend what his favourite meal was. They go back and forth on describing it and how delicious it is. Then the father explains if he was to put that delicious meal on a trash can lid would he eat it and the boyfriend said no. The father reassures the boyfriend that they assumed he was a nice guy, but you were presented to us on a trash can lid. It’s all in the presentation.


Generator Design | Image Is Everything


In my opinion having a great logo for your brand is essential. It represents you and what you’re all about. It ensures that you are willing to invest the time and effort into yourself that will project the same quality service to your clients.

So, maybe the next time you look at your marketing material and see your logo, ask yourself, “Does this make me look bad?”

Written by

Jose Guzman


Jose is founding partners of Generator Design with 3 decades of business, advertising and design experience. He is a past member of the Marketing and Communications Committee for The Hospice of Windsor-Essex. Jose was awarded the Spirit of Growth Award from the Hospice of Windsor & Essex County for service and expertise in the area of marketing and communications.