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Winter Ad Roundup from 2015

Canadian winters are characterized by extreme cold and (depending on how Mother Nature wants to treat us) a lot of snow. It can easily make you want to hole up inside your house and never leave.

If there’s anything good about the winter though, it’s the heart-warming ads – especially during holiday season!

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite winter-related ads from 2015 to get you out of your winter blues.

May they bring tears to your eyes and warmth to your heart.

*Commentary is included below each ad. 

1) If you’ve been to the movies lately, you’ve likely seen this commercial before a movie.

Toy Story vibes anyone?


2) I love the sense of community in this as well as the innocent magic that Christmas has for children.


3) This one went viral on social media. It was considered the Christmas commercial that was “messing with everyone’s emotions”. Let me know if you cry (I know I did).


4) This one is the fun one of the bunch. It highlights a different aspect of the cold that we can look forward to – the food. There’s an upbeat dance tune playing in the back.


5) Another tearjerker. A classic reminder that Christmas is the season of giving.


Do you share a favourite with me? Or perhaps you have a favourite that I missed!

Share it with me in the comments.

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