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Under Exposed: Daniel Watts

Dan Watts is a husband of 41 years, dad of two great kids and a silly poodle.  He is a transplant from the Niagara Region to Windsor over four decades ago. After completing his Visual Arts Degree at the University of Windsor he had to make a choice.  As Dan puts it, he was down to…

Under Exposed: Evan Fitzpatrick

Nature? Check. Camera? Check. Patience? You bet. Evan Fitzpatrick of Windsor, Ontario finds the outdoors a gallery waiting to be appreciated. A week at the cottage up North is all he needs to find his zen, built from chipmunks, wildflowers, and sunsets. A self-taught photographer of over ten years, Evan’s hobbies include graphic design, 3D animation, illustration,…


It’s August in Northern Ontario. Baby rock bass are schooling between my feet. The water is cold, the sun is enjoyably hot without a trace of humidity and the sky is blue with marshmallow clouds. Our tethered pontoon boat creaks against the floating dock as the cool wind calls it out into the rippling lake….