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Under Exposed: Evan Fitzpatrick


Photographer Evan Fitzpatrick at the Hoover Dam.

Nature? Check. Camera? Check. Patience? You bet. Evan Fitzpatrick of Windsor, Ontario finds the outdoors a gallery waiting to be appreciated. A week at the cottage up North is all he needs to find his zen, built from chipmunks, wildflowers, and sunsets.

A self-taught photographer of over ten years, Evan’s hobbies include graphic design, 3D animation, illustration, woodworking, and more. Wherever there is nature, he is there with his camera ready to capture the macro magic of a pollenating honeybee or an elusive beast lurking in the trees.

Evan looks for the hidden moments of wildlife, at times remaining beneath a hummingbird feeder for as long as it takes the birds to trust him. “It’s what I look forward to the most when I go anywhere outdoors,” says Evan. “Northern Ontario is full of opportunity and the wildlife there is so photogenic. You just have to be in the right place at the right time, wait a long time, and not forget your camera!”



These photos were taken at Trout Lake, Alban, Ontario.


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