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Our Favourite Christmas Memories

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To get into the spirit of the season, everyone here at Generator has a Christmas memory to share. We’ve put together our fondest memories for your Christmastime reading enjoyment. So light the fire, get yourself some cookies and cocoa, and experience Christmases long, long ago (well, not that long ago).           Christmas…

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Client’s Corner: The Welcome Centre

Client's Corner | Comments

Here in the Client’s Corner, we shine the spotlight on a Generator client, sharing with you their story. Today we are proud to introduce The Welcome Centre Shelter for Women. Striving to provide safe housing for women and families every night, The Welcome Centre is a beacon of hope for the Windsor community. Offering programs…

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Ever expected something to be more than it really is? Being in the advertising and design industry, we’re often tasked with helping companies sell their products and ideas. Hype-building is essential, especially when marketing large projects. Drawing consumers in, encouraging purchases and engagement, and giving them a taste of what’s to come helps ensure profits….

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Under Exposed: Evan Fitzpatrick

Under Exposed | Comments

Nature? Check. Camera? Check. Patience? You bet. Evan Fitzpatrick of Windsor, Ontario finds the outdoors a gallery waiting to be appreciated. A week at the cottage up North is all he needs to find his zen, built from chipmunks, wildflowers, and sunsets. A self-taught photographer of over ten years, Evan’s hobbies include graphic design, 3D animation, illustration,…

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Are You Friends with Trends?

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Welcome to the Autumn season, one of pumpkin spiced beer, ice cream, coffee, candy, candles, and more. So ubiquitous is the flavour that one might wonder if creativity can spring forth amidst this annual wallflower of a trend. But with companies hopping aboard the magical pumpkin carriage, can a marketing strategy for a squash flavoured anything really…