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Retro Specs

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Trends are a mixed bag. For some, they are something exciting to look forward to every year. For others, adopting them would be too mainstream. What people don’t realize, though, is that the effect of a trend goes deeper than they may think and at its core a trend may simply be history repeating or…

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Client’s Corner: PHRC

Client's Corner | Comments

Welcome to Client’s Corner, where we bring to the spotlight a Generator client to offer insight into who they are. We are proud to introduce the Petroleum Human Resources Council. The petroleum industry is facing significant human resource challenges. An aging workforce, rapid technological innovation, increased competition for talent and growth are creating labour and skill shortages. The petroleum industry…

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Creative Juices

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It’s been a long week of coffee. Five minutes to go on the clock. The anticipation is killing you. It’s Friday and your phone is chiming with plans in progress for the evening ahead. Time to race home, compose yourself and soothe that dry throat. Soon, you’re with your people, other workplace warriors, and boy…

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Under Exposed: Lidya Denisa

Under Exposed | Comments

Generator is proud to give exposure to local photographers with Under Exposed, where local talent is recognized and photographers are given a platform to display their work. We are happy to have Lidya Denisa, a wedding photographer, tell us about what inspires her in the world of photography. I’m Lidya Denisa, the Wedding Photographer. More than that, I’m…

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A Child at Heart

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Introducing: Jess Jagmin, Graphic/Social Media Specialist with a PhD in Minecrafting WAKE UP AND BE AWESOME. That’s what my pink nightgown says in large, fun block letters. Maybe it’s my attraction to typography or my desire to have a great day from the moment I open my eyes, but I never outgrew cool pyjamas. I…