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Adding A New Gear: Yuxuan Liu
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Adding A New Gear: Yuxuan Liu

It’s not every day you get to talk about anime and sports with the same person, but Generator’s newest recruit has bridged the gap. Journeying from across the map to our own backyard, Generator is proud to present—and interview—developer extraordinaire, Yuxuan Liu!


Welcome to the team, Yuxuan! We hear you are originally from Beijing. What is the biggest difference between living in Beijing and Canada?

Not much of a difference. When I first traveled to Toronto, that city just kept reminding me of Beijing. Big city, huge population, and traffic jams of course. Life in Canada and China are both joyful and peaceful. But the pace of life in Windsor is relatively slower than in those metropolises like Toronto and Beijing; that’s why I decided to settle here.


We’re glad you did, Yuxuan! That being said, do you like the city or nature more?



If you were a character from your favourite series, who would you be and why?

I often fantasize about being part of a show, but as an original character designed by myself. I’d like to be a friend of my favourite characters and have my own story instead! 


We can only imagine all coming into work as our favourite characters! It would make for intriguing work days. Tell us how you would enjoy your free time on a perfect day.

I’d spend the whole day with my wife! It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we are together. Watching anime like Yuru Camp or doing some shopping in a big mall would both be good ideas.  

Jessica shouts: “I love Yuru Camp!” from the other room.


It seems watching anime is a shared passion here at Generator! What are your hobbies?

I’m also crazy for video games, but I also enjoy playing and watching basketball and soccer. I used to be on the basketball team in my high school—I was one of the best point guards in school!


What’s your favourite food?

For now, I’d say Peking Duck.


Oh no! You’ve been warped to a new dimension where your escape depends on your coding abilities! You can only bring ONE of your own tools, so you choose to bring your own:

a) Mouse
b) Keyboard
c) Phone
d) USB full of Snippets

c) Phone…maybe mouse and keyboard. Can I bring my laptop? We all need Google and stack overflow.


If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and how would it help you with being a developer?

Alex, my JavaScript professor in college. Isn’t human a kind of animal? 🤣



Would you rather work with someone who:

a) Whistles songs and has a dog.
b) Hoards plants and is always eating noodles.
c) Says “UUGHH” every time a telemarketer calls.
d) Forgets about the tea they made and collects ItemLabel plushies.
e) Has an army of figurines and NERF projectiles.
f) Stands behind you often because the printer isn’t working, again.
g) All of the above. G is for Generator.


Before pursuing a career in web development, Yuxuan specialized in electrical engineering. As an avid fan and player of basketball and soccer, watching anime, playing video games, and studying new technologies, we’re excited to have such a well-rounded addition aboard the Generator Team. Welcome, Yuxuan!


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