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Kinetic Konnection: (Em)Bracing the Difference

Your typical medical marketing material often looks the same: white, clinical and sterile. While being informative, it’s not very friendly or inviting. It’s not exactly something you’d be inclined to pick up in a doctor’s waiting room.


Kinetic Konnection’s marketing material is designed to stand out from the bunch. Our client wanted a brand that was wildly different from anything else on the shelves. They had already established their mascot Superboomer, a superhero medical mannequin, prior to us coming on board and provided some graphics to work with.


Once we took the reigns, we set out to develop a group of villains that would act as personifications for various symptoms and ailments with colourful, comic book-esque names like Arthrito (for Arthritis) and Verigross (for varicose veins). This allowed for a fun and easy-to-deliver method of information reading in an illustrative way that everyone could identify with.


Continuing in this direction, we redeveloped their mascot Superboomer from a photographic to illustrative format and completely immersed Kinetic Konnection’s marketing in the idea. As every villain needs a nemesis, Superboomer acts as the hero bringing pain relief and cures to the various ailments.


The company loved the idea and this theme helped to unify all five Kinetic Konnection locations. The stores and offices are lined with comic book-themed posters, brochures, pamphlets, floor decals and wall murals. The work catches the eye and allows the reader to consume the information in an easy and fun way.

Our inner geek loves working with Kinetic Konnection and helping them stand out above the rest. We’ve helped them create a strong and vibrant brand with a fun and quirky longevity to it. We look forward to many, many years of Superboomer righting the injustices of joint, muscle and general pain. 


Check out Kinetic Konnection online.

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