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Welcome to the Team : Ndriçim Strazimiri

As our team continues to progress in 2019, we have gained a Web Developer genius that is Ndriçim Strazimiri. Ndriçim (Jimmy) is fitting right in and teaching us all there is to know about the subtle art of coding the static into the interactive. So without further ado let’s learn more.

Hi Jimmy, welcome to Generator! Tell us about your name?

My real name is Ndriçim. My friends back home call me Çimi (Chimi). I decided for people here to call me Jimmy, since it is easier to pronounce.

Where are you from?

I am from Albania, a small country in Europe, near Greece and Italy, and have been in Windsor since September of 2018.

What is your favourite meal of the day?

Dinner is my favourite meal, because it is a time when I can get together with my family and talk about our day. Family is very important to me.

Are you reading any good books right now?

Right now I am reading Aleph, by Paulo Coelho. He is a good writer and I like the way he describes his characters, the action and scenery.

What is one big thing you wish to accomplish in your life?

I want to build something that is unique and helpful to society. Not sure yet what this “something” is, but I hope I will discover it soon.

How old were you when you got into development? And how did you get started?

My first experience with development dates back to high school when I was 15, with an Informatics lesson. The digital world was always more interesting to me than other subjects. HTML was my first love and still continues to be. I love to watch how the language and tools have transformed. It’s progress is amazing.

If you had to pick between pizza & shawarma which would you take?

Pizza. Always pizza. Unless it’s a choice between pizza & spaghetti, then the decision is hard.

What has been your hardest challenge as a developer?

The developing process itself has its own challenges. From the beginning you are challenged by learning programming languages (popular or trending ones). Next is you getting your hands dirty with code. Still, I think the biggest annoyance I have as a developer, is when the error is on line 1000 but the program you’re working with tells you that it’s on line 1050.

What is your favourite part of the development process?

My favourite part is when it works and I don’t know why.

And your least favourite?

My least favourite part is when it doesn’t work and I don’t know why.

How do you feel about dogs, particularly Shelties?

I love dogs. Shelties are cute. They remind me of the famous ‘Lassie’.

Coding can be a tedious and sometimes stressful. Do you have any tricks to keep you sane throughout the process?

Sometimes, when I am working and I get stuck on something, I decide to take a short break and change my environment, and then suddenly, Eureka! The answer comes to me, and I know how to proceed.


You see a ghost in the Generator bathroom, who are you going to call?

    1. A) Jose
    2. B) Ghostbusters
    3. C) Barb
    4. D) Alan

I would say C) Barb, because she is closer and would come faster.

And there it is! We are so excited to begin this adventure with our worldly developer who will bring new & inspiring ideas to the table.

Welcome to the team Jimmy!

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