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Adding a New Gear: Tasha Cadence

3-Minute Read.

Windsor is a mighty city. Home to the Generator Design team, a burgeoning tech and art community—and all the gourmet pizza and shawarma one could hope for—the YQG boasts homegrown talent and shining ability from beyond alike. Even with our Southwestern Ontario perks, when you’re a design company looking to hire, sometimes a job posting helps, too.

With our Graphic & Web Specialist, Rachel Schmidt, off on maternity leave until 2020, we were feeling a bit lost knowing hers would be some creative, web savvy shoes to fill. Lucky for us, Natasha Cadence answered the call, wowing us with her portfolio and web skills. Being the creatives that we are, what better way to introduce her to than with a Generator-style interview!


Welcome to Generator, Natasha—and welcome to Windsor! May we call you Tasha?



Where are you from?

Originally Peterborough Ontario but spent the last 3 years in Toronto, and a year before that in Italy.


Windsor must be a new experience for you! Have you discovered anything here you love?

The pizza, the ‘down for anything’ attitude people have, the river front and the art festivals.


Generator’s blue colour is PMS 280. Which Pantone are you?

A loud 226 C; there was a faze in my life where my hair might have been this colour too. Had to stand out amongst the Toronto waves of black.


How did you know you wanted to be in the web/graphic design field?

I knew I wanted to be creative every day, and help people communicate what matters to them. Graphic design is a mix of communication and visuals, and the web world is a necessary component of both.


Imagine you woke up with the superpower of levitation. What would be the first gravity-defying act you performed?

I constantly dream of wearing those spider-monkey suits and zooming down a mountain, so either that or quote Harry Potter heroine Hermione’s “Levi-OSA”.


Every creative has their own passions outside of design. What do you look forward to on the side?

I spend a lot of my time painting, but other than that I like to rock climb, travel, sing, and throw parties.


You get to name a new Netflix Original crime series about a blue whale who doubles as an underwater detective off Canada’s east coast. What is it called? Do you recommend the show to friends and family?

It’s called License to Krill and I’d recommend it to all of my family who are not vegetarians.


Sometimes it can be difficult for even a seasoned designer to stay creative. What keeps you inspired?

I love street art, it’s big and bold and I think that’s one of art’s bravest forms. I live with a bunch of weirdos who are always down for paint nights and their ideas keep me going. I always carry a sketchbook on me in case I see something awesome.


Would you rather take a bite of raw onion or raw turnip?

Turnip because after I would yell Turn UP and nobody would laugh.


If you had an autobiography, which section of a bookstore would readers find it under?

The “Artists who moved across the world, bought too many goldfish and still mainly use Photoshop to fix their blemishes” section.



Would you rather:

a.) Code with pencil and paper.

b.) Draw but the paper is Kleenex.

c.) Walk through an angry flock of Canadian geese every day to work.

d.) Only drink decaf coffee.

B, as it’d be a neat texture to work with, or C, as long as I don’t step in goose poo.



And there you have it. Our newest addition sounds like she’ll fit in just fine aboard the Generator Team. Tasha will have access to all the Generator office perks: fresh popcorn, endless coffee and tea, engaging Skype conversations, a variety of fun and challenging projects, and of course, being properly herded at her desk by Leia the Sheltie.

Welcome to the team, Tasha!


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