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Under Exposed: Heather Taylor

Find something you love. Pursue what you love. Share what you love.

This is the creative drive of visual artist and photographer Heather Taylor. Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Heather discovered a passion for photography after the arrival of her son Benjamin. Inspired by her mother’s own love of photography, she began capturing her newborn son on camera. “Since then, I haven’t stopped,” says Heather with smiling eyes. “I’ve become a photography addict over the last five years!”

For Heather, it’s all about the candid shots of life—the intimate, unscripted nuances are what she aims her lens toward. “I love taking photos because it’s about capturing moments in that exact time; there isn’t another moment that will ever be repeated verbatim, so it’s fun to catch that specific split second.”

With a portfolio packed with shots of people having fun, families, couples, and her son (of course!), it’s clear that the focus of Heather’s work is love. “Photography has allowed me to stop and reflect on my own life,” she says. “When I’m not in the middle of a messy painting, I can still fulfill my artsy urges by simply picking up the camera and capturing the things that overjoy me.”

And paint she does! In addition to being a shutterbug, Heather creates in a variety of mediums. “I also love to paint, and do salt and charcoal portraits because it’s all about studying space, shapes, and colour which is helpful in photography. It all ties in together and fulfills me as a visual artist at all times. Photography allows me to conveniently bring my artsy medium with me wherever I go; you can’t always do that with a canvas, paints, charcoals, and salts!”

Heather has bachelor’s degrees in History and Education from the University of Windsor, is a classroom elementary teacher and also teaches Visual Art at Lakeview Montessori in Tecumseh. “I love photography because I get to share and teach this fun hobby to my students and that’s always a bonus! Doing what I love and sharing it!”


To view more of Heather’s work, visit her portfolio at heathertaylorart.com


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