Client’s Corner: Kinetic Konnection

We like to shine the spotlight on our clients, and today we bring you Kinetic Konnection – The Bracing Experts.

A longtime client of ours, Kinetic Konnection has been around for 20 years serving Windsor, Burlington, Oakville, Tecumseh, Lasalle and Vaughan. Their expert staff of Kinesiology graduates and Chiropodists are able to offer in-person advice, orthopaedic bracing, compression stockings, custom knee bracing and custom foot orthotics helping their customers live a pain-free life.

Generator has developed design and advertising targeted at both patients and medical professionals. Pieces range from patient care forms, comic-style mailer campaigns, office posters, and various other informative works. Many of these projects focus around “Super Boomer”, a superhero posable wooden mannequin on a mission to help bring pain-free living back to the people.

Have a look through some of the projects we’ve been proud to work on for Kinetic Konnection.