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Under Exposed: Lidya Denisa

Generator is proud to give exposure to local photographers with Under Exposed, where local talent is recognized and photographers are given a platform to display their work. We are happy to have Lidya Denisa, a wedding photographer, tell us about what inspires her in the world of photography.

I’m Lidya Denisa, the Wedding Photographer. More than that, I’m a daughter, wife, mother and follower of Christ. I became interested in photography as soon as my dad let me handle the family camera on vacations when I was twelve. At sixteen, I started doing shoots for friends and family, making my way into the wedding industry and completely falling in love with photography!

The emotions are tangled in that one special day where everyone gathers together in love and joy for the couple and their new adventure together. There is so much authenticity that it is an absolute honour and thrill to get to stop time by capturing all those little moments.

As a young photographer, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I often doubted my work often while learning what I wanted to shoot, how I wanted to capture it, the style of editing and so on. I definitely became a perfectionist! I am so thankful to have been encouraged by the people I loved the most, who encouraged me to tackle my fears head-on, step by step. Without them, and especially without the Lord – who called me on this adventure in the first place – I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Every session is a new experience and every client is a new friendship in the making. Sometimes, I still doubt myself and have fears, though I’ve learned to love even the scary unknowns, because that’s always been where the greatest adventures seem to happen! The more I stepped out of my own life and into beautiful seasons of life of others through photography, I realized that this was where God was calling me to be. I realized the way I saw the world, noticing and literally swooning over every subtle hue of the sunset every day, the texture of the world around me, the emotions in every step of life, was the way the Lord created my heart and mind.

I delight in the beauty He created, and the beauty He creates continually as He brings people together to experience the wildest ride of life and of relationships – marriage. Without the confidence of knowing He made me for this, I wouldn’t have been able to make it through some of the hardest seasons where I couldn’t get my work to tangibly come to life the way it does in my mind. As a creative, my mind seems to be so much better than real life at times. However, through photography, I’ve been given the chance to capture the amazing beauty and rawness of real life, pairing it with the creativity in my mind, making it simply incredible.

My husband often shoots alongside me or assists me on engagement sessions. Many sessions are out-of-town because most of my couples are like us. We love to explore new places! I couldn’t tell you how many crazy experiences we’ve had together, but each one – even if it made things more complicated – now makes for the best of stories and memories. That’s my favourite part of being a photographer, you’re not just doing a job, you’re making memories for the couple. We get to form friendships and meet amazing people we wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths with.

I absolutely love capturing beauty of every kind, and I think the most beautiful of all of God’s creations are the people made in His image – an image of authenticity, truth, and glory.

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