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You Had Me At “New Website”

In the fashion world, people can’t resist a good makeover. In the design world, we can’t resist a good refresh.

Months ago, Generator banded together and began hashing out exactly how our new website would look, flow, and function. We intended to marry our bold and unique branding with a high quality user experience.


Bigger. Bolder. Better. That was our vision.


Everything felt like it was coming together as we enlisted the help of our friend, Syx Langemann, and began coming up with photographic concepts for our new website.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.42.07 PM

“I can’t explain how happy it makes a person to be able to have input on their own creative expression,” says Thuy (Social Media Specialist). “Each person was able to work with Syx to create the shot that best reflected who they were as individuals.”

“What was great about Syx was that he took our ideas, gave them life and really worked with us to develop new creative perspectives,” comments Jose (Partner), “When we were complete, our photos told a story, showed everyone’s individuality and enhanced our brand.”

We also could not have done it without Media Street, who worked tirelessly to perfect our new promotional video seen on the homepage. “We’ve been long time associates with Media Street. Working with the crew was an amazing experience, they were able to corral our vision and mold it into a beautiful work of art,” says Alan (Partner).

So how does it feel to finally complete this project? Rachel (Graphic Designer and Web Specialist), concludes that, “It feels great to be able to showcase our talents and abilities without creative boundaries. The site is clean, intuitive, and designed to modern standards.

A welcome addition to the website is a dedicated blog space. Each staff member at Generator will be blogging articles unique to them.

“Our newsletter has always been well received by our clients so we wanted a permanent place to house our articles. Now you will be able to read what interests you, and scour our site’s like-minded articles and posts. Plus, we have always found it challenging to keep our clients up to date with the improvements of services and technology in our industry – A blog lets us create a dialogue in a very relaxed and comfortable way”, says Alan.

We had fun creating this website for our audience as well as ourselves and we hope you love the end product.

Let us know what you think about our new website and be sure to interact with us on social media – we don’t bite!

Do you have suggestions for blogs you want us to write about?

Email us at to submit your suggestions.

Established in 1996, Generator is a complete graphic design and advertising agency. We specialize in design, print, web, social media and email solutions for businesses of all sizes.