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Build a Dream London

Build a Dream 2017: London, Ontario

Published on November 30, 2017 1:18 pm | event | sponsored

Build a Dream London Event Panorama

A wonderful event happened on November 28, 2017. Young women all across London, Ontario took part in an opportunity to meet employers from multiple industries under represented by women.


Build A Dream works to provide today’s young women with resources, insight, and opportunities to discover these career paths. As a proud sponsor of Build a Dream, Generator partner Jose Guzman was in attendance at the London event. An amazing turnout kept Jose busy at the Generator booth with answering questions and sharing insight about the creative industry. Thank you to everyone who paid a visit!



We were also at Build a Dream 2017 Windsor event, so be sure to see our coverage of that here.


To learn more about Build a Dream and the creative services we provided, check out the link below.


Client’s Corner: Build A Dream

Sponsored Event

Build a Dream

Build a Dream 2017

Published on November 6, 2017 8:00 am | event | sponsored

Build a Dream Event Panorama

On November 2nd, 2017 young women from all across Windsor-Essex congregated for a very special event. Build a Dream, founded in 2014, works to shine the spotlight on careers under represented by women across multiple industries. Through organizing a day-long symposium and exhibit at the Ciociaro Club, young women were provided with resources, insight, and opportunities to discover these career paths. Generator was proud to be a sponsor and to have a booth at the Windsor event. Jose, along with Rachel, Jess and Katie were there offering insight into the design and advertising field.



We enjoyed sharing with young women, their parents, and educators about how our early interests in the arts led us into our careers. We were asked thought provoking questions—with no short answers—like what we love most about our jobs, how we get inspired, and what our most challenging projects ever were! We hope that this was a rewarding and inspirational experience for all attendees. It certainly was for the Generator team! Read more about Build a Dream and the creative services we provided for them in the link below.


Client’s Corner: Build A Dream



17th Annual Athena Scholarship Fund Windsor

Published on October 28, 2016 4:35 pm | event

Generator had a blast today attending the 17th Annual ATHENA Scholarship Luncheon at the Caboto Club. Jose was there, snapping photos, mingling and enjoying the delicious food. Quite snazzy looking in his bowtie, we might add! We’re sure speaker Janice Kaffer noticed, President & CEO of Hotel-Dieu Grace healthcare.


Windsor’s ATHENA Scholarship Program keeps with the ATHENA philosophy of elevating people with potential and solid values to be role models to inspire others to achieve excellence.


For more information, please visit, a site proudly designed by Generator!



Let’s Help Windsor Families

Published on September 9, 2016 11:44 am | event

The Welcome Centre Shelter of Windsor, Ontario feeds on average 100 single parent female-led families, with two school-age children. In an effort to help stock their food bank, Generator organized a food drive to assist Windsor families and the efforts of this wonderful organization.


With the support of friends, family, and clients, we stocked their pantry with everything from soup to school snacks – and even some treats for families with pets! Here are our most requested goods totals:




Thank you to everyone who donated to our food drive and made it a success!


For more information about the Welcome Centre, please visit and learn how this excellent organization works to improve the lives of families in Windsor.


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