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Award Winner

Canadian Aviation Museum

Presenting: the Canadian Aviation Museum

Published on July 23, 2021 1:14 pm | award-winner | event


On July 22, 2021 our WindUp 2019 winner, the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association, unveiled a new brand identity and name for its hangar. Our partner, Jose Guzman, attended the event held at the Windsor International Airport as the association revealed a labour of love.


The CH2A required a logo for their new museum. Generator Design worked with their team to produce a look that is distinctly Canadian, communicating aviation in a clean, stylized visual. The final logo features a silhouette of a WWII era plane subtracted from a maple leaf—a clear tribute to both the Canadian flag and Canada’s aviation history.


Hop a flight through history and discover the Canadian Aviation Museum—Windsor’s only aviation museum—located at the Windsor International Airport.


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WEA Awards – 20th Anniversary

Published on November 19, 2019 12:18 pm | event | sponsored

This year marked the 20th Anniversary of the Windsor Endowment for the Arts. This year focused on Changing the Odds – Community Transformation Through the Arts. It is an interdisciplinary arts program funded by WEA and delivered by the School of Dramatic Art in the University of Windsor’s Jackman Dramatic Art Centre. It is dedicated to transforming the lives of youth living with challenging situations. Recognizing the value of the arts as a powerful tool for community transformation, WEA’s board is dedicated to continuing CTO programs to reach more youth.


Our very own Jose Guzman attended the event on Friday night. On display were some of the pieces we’ve designed for them over the years.


Carolyne Rourke, President of WEA and a long time client of Generator was stepping down from her position and we wish her the best of luck on her future endeavours. It has been a pleasure working closely with Carolyne though the years and we are looking forward to more collaborations with WEA in the future.

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20th Annual Athena Scholarship Fund Windsor

Published on November 1, 2019 1:33 pm | event | sponsored

Today our very own Jose Guzman attended the 20th Annual ATHENA Scholarship Fund at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts. He mingled with the attendees, enjoyed a delicious lunch and snapped some pictures of the event.


Windsor’s ATHENA Scholarship Fund identifies and provides scholarships to post-secondary students who excel academically and provide outstanding service to their community while also assisting young women achieve a better quality of life and reach their full potential.


We are happy to have designed their 20th anniversary logo and the program for the event.


For more information, please visit




Getting Down to Business

Published on January 16, 2019 12:55 pm | event

It’s one thing to come into work inspired each day as a designer; being asked to inspire minds is another! Nevertheless, Generator Design Partner Jose Guzman hopped to it and headed to London, Ontario for a unique teaching opportunity.


Arriving at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School, Jose headed to a welcoming Grade 10 class to speak to business and entrepreneurship students, among which was his nephew. The topic of the day: How did you become an entrepreneur? To some, it can seem that it just happens as an immediate success; having experienced the growth of Generator Design, Jose knows it as anything but. Now, where to start?


“Speaking engagements still make me nervous,” says Jose. “I was relieved to have my nephew in the class—having a teacher there helped, too!” Sometimes, being a creative means getting out of your comfort zone and onto a new playing field.


You need to be the hardest worker in the room to reach your goals.


In the creative field, it’s important to know your audience. When that target happens to be Grade Ten business students, you need to adjust your tone to draw their interest—and drawing on their interests can be very effective. “To keep the students’ attention, I used engaging visuals, spoke informally and with humour, which I’ve found are effective tools in delivering information.”


With the aid of an engaging Keynote presentation and wit, Jose had the full attention of the class, discussing everything from what is involved in starting a business to meeting goals on a daily basis. The questions from the students were thought-provoking:


“How do I make a business out of doing what I enjoy?”

“When would you say that your company started to take off?”

“Was there ever a time you failed?”


“Absolutely, there are times where you fall short,” Jose admits, “and those are the experiences you take the most from.” Jose emphasized that hard work always trumps talent; trial and error should be expected in starting and growing a business. “You need to be the hardest worker in the room to reach your goals.”


Relevant in an age of overnight success, Jose explained that the glory of instant success and celebrity is, in reality, few and far between. “Our instant access in the digital age has set our minds to believe that success can be pulled off a shelf.” He elaborated that expecting your business will take off sets you on a path towards failure. “Be realistic. Working hard and smart is key; slow and steady wins the race.”


Jose imparted upon the class to pursue entrepreneurship with enjoyment. “If you choose to be an entrepreneur, do something that you love to do. Don’t spend your life working toward materialism; as cliché as it may sound, always do it for what brings joy and happiness. Be patient. If you invest in your work, you’ll be rewarded with good things and important takeaways which will separate you from the one hit wonders.”



Generator Cares: Heart to Heart

A Heart To Heart

Published on April 23, 2018 2:53 pm | event

Life can change in an instant.


In September of 2017, we received heavy news. One of Generator’s partners, Jose Guzman, had suffered a heart attack. It’s all thanks to the quick and knowledgeable efforts of Dominick Matta and first response of the Windsor Firefighters that Jose is with us today. Now back to work and recovering well, Jose and his hero Dominick met for an interview with the Windsor Star:



In an effort to raise heart health awareness in our community, Jose has teamed up with the Heart & Stroke Foundation. On April 20th, he and Holly Kirk McLean, Area Manager for the foundation, visited W.F. Herman Academy – Secondary. Meeting with a group of sixty physical education students, Jose delivered a compelling followup presentation speaking from the perspective of a heart attack survivor.


Jose Guzman and Holly Kirk McLean speak to the W.F. Herman Academy - Secondary physical education students.

Jose Guzman and Holly Kirk McLean speak to the W.F. Herman Academy – Secondary physical education students.


Sharing with them his incredible story, his continuing path to recovery and how his life has changed, Jose encouraged the students to adopt healthy lifestyles. He hopes that his words will inspire them to consider beneficial diet choices, get active, and to be aware of the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke.


We’re beyond grateful to have Jose with us and to have people in the community with life saving skills. To learn more about the Heart & Stroke Foundation, how you can get involved, and how to get started on a heart-healthy path, please visit


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