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Interview With the Intern: Olivia Pickering

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  We have some very exciting news to announce today! Every spring, Generator Design welcomes aboard a third year Graphic Design intern to give them a head start on everyday life in the industry. Today we’d like to introduce everyone to Olivia Pickering who is joining us from St. Clair College! We had an opportunity to sit…

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Gourmet Logo Design

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What a main course to behold. Paired with crisp line work, a perfectly arranged type treatment, and garnished with a sprig of colour, that logo of yours is the most decadent first bite your business can offer clients. The presentation is deceptively simple, but there’s much to be savoured in the marinade. Much like indulging…

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The More Hue Know

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Ever wonder why a certain colour makes you feel something? Or why so many logos are either red or blue? For those able to see the full spectrum visible to humans, colour has powerful influence over the choices we make, affecting our psychology more than we realize. It’s kind of spooky and fascinating, but the…

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Under Exposed: Sasha Opeiko

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Meet Sasha Opeiko, a Windsor-based artist and art educator, whose practice includes painting, drawing, media, sculpture and design. Sasha received a BFA from University of Windsor (2009) and a MFA from University of Victoria (2012). For the past several years, she has exhibited her work locally and abroad, periodically leading art workshops at the Art Gallery…

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Client’s Corner: Calframax

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Calframax Technologies, a tool and mold company located in Oldcastle, approached us to expand their branding and better showcase their company to the public. Specializing in precision component manufacturing, mold testing and spare parts, their focus is to exceed the expectations and goals of their customers. Our team set to work on a refresh of…