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Put Some Motion in Your Ocean

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How many times have you seen a brief animation or video on your social media feed or a company website? Probably quite a bit. Admit it: you might even watch a few seconds. It can’t be helped. Our brains are wired to seek out visual stimulation, particularly motion, and the more entertaining and engaging the…

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Interview with the Intern: Jimin Lee

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Every spring, Generator Design welcomes a graphic design student from St. Clair College here in Windsor-Essex. Sometimes, our interns come from far away, bringing with them opportunities for us to learn amazing cultural experiences. Our newest intern, Jimin Lee, has travelled from the other side of the world—what better way to learn about her than…

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Work Like MAD

Behind the Scenes | Comments

Once upon a staff lunch, someone exclaimed: “Let’s make a Christmas card that looks like MAD Magazine!”, and that’s how we decided on a theme for our 2021 Christmas card. The next thing I knew I was volunteering to paint Alfred E. Neuman‘s grinning visage alongside Generator’s mascot, Winston the Robot. On the spot I…

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Cheese All That: WindUp 2018 Winner Sarah Barrette Talks Success of The Cheese Bar

Client's Corner | WindUp | Comments

Like a good cheese, businesses get better with time and patience. Okay, that was a little cheesy—and totally appropriate. Back in 2018, Generator Cares, our annual contest to provide a nonprofit organization or charity with a brand refresh, shifted gears to help a registered, local businesses in Windsor-Essex. In light of the challenges brought on…

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Why Do Typos Happen?

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We’ve all been there: you type out that text message, carefully compose that email, or (wink, wink) write that blog article. You give it a quick once over, relying on autocorrect and spellcheck to pick through the gritty details and hit that glorious ‘Send’ button. And that’s when you see it: the dreaded typo.   …