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GenerEHtor… Finally!

A few months ago, the great collective minds at Generator Design decided to pay homage to Canada’s birthday by coming up with 150 things to celebrate about our great country called GenerEH!tor.

It started out just fine. Everyone came up with their own ideas of who and what should be included. Inventions. Celebrities. Poets. Artists. Writers. Politicians. Geographical Locations. The list went on and on. We soon found that there were a lot more than 150 things to brag about. How to whittle it down without anyone’s nose getting out of joint… mainly mine I must confess.

While some of my suggestions were added, I was really concerned with only one that I felt must be included. More on that later. So it was getting close to deadline. Jess, the graphic & social media specialist, was putting the finishing touches on copy, while Rachel, our graphic & web specialist, was finishing up her end of the project. It was now my turn to proofread the copy and then we would be ready to launch. With a few minor changes I thought we were done. Mission accomplished. I went on to do other things and then it hit me. Did I miss proofreading the only entry that I truly felt should be on the list of 150? Well apparently not! I went ballistic. The greatest Canadian of all time not included? What were they thinking by omitting Tommy Douglas, the father of Medicare. Where would we be without him? They still weren’t convinced. They had never heard of him. Big time generation gap.

I had to convince these Millennials the only way I could.

Didn’t they know that Tommy Douglas was Kiefer Sutherland’s grandfather? That sealed the deal. Thanks Kiefer.

Anyway, you have to check out the final project where you’ll find Mr. Douglas’ contribution to Canada along with 149 other reasons we think Canada is pretty amazing.


Written by

Barb Jakobszen


Barbara is an advertising professional and copywriter experienced in corporate communications, marketing, research and human resources. She has won two Southam Newsprint Advertising Awards, received a President’s Award from Southam Inc., and was recognized by the Canadian Daily Newspapers Association for Best Community Service Advertisement of the Year.