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The Love, Betty Cancer Foundation

Generator has recognized the Love, Betty Cancer Foundation as a dedicated contributor to the local community. That’s why they were chosen to be the Generator Cares winner. We are proud to be working with them moving forward and eager to share a bit about their mission.


Betty believed in making the best out of an impossible situation. Her motivation and will to battle cancer is legendary, and her strength inspired this foundation in her memory. The physical, mental and emotional stress cancer can bring is unfathomable. In addition, financial difficulties imparted by the illness and treatment schedules are often troubling.


The Love, Betty Cancer Foundation offers community support through fundraising in order to support local patients battling cancer. Betty’s dream was to offer financial support to patients, home assistance where possible, and improvements to treatment facilities. Her passion was to create a haven for patients to build the strength to face their fears and ease uncertainty.


It is with these goals in mind that the Love, Betty Cancer Foundation endeavours to raise the funds to see her vision through. They give 100% of their raised funds back to the local community and are committed to assisting cancer patients who are receiving active treatment locally and those who need to travel out of the region. The Love, Betty Cancer Foundation understands how cancer can affect the lives of both patients and families. No one plans to get sick and the resulting financial burden can make coping with the illness that much more difficult. They are here to help.


For more information, please visit