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Generator Cares Contest 2017 Winner

TLC Animal Aid

In January 2017, Generator launched its 4th annual Generator Cares Contest. This yearly nomination-based opportunity gives non-profit organizations a chance to win $10,000 in services from Generator. This includes creative consultation, $2500 worth of design services to spend on marketing promotion, social media evaluation and 3 months of Social Media Management, and $500 towards print material or digital ads.


We received an astounding number of nominations for local non-profit organizations in this year’s contest. The heartfelt comments included in each nomination truly show the love and support Windsor-Essex has for its wonderful causes.


Congratulations to every non-profit who was nominated: Arts Collective Theatre, TLC Animal Aid, Second Chance Animal Rescue, Essex Community Services, Homeless Coalition of Windsor Essex County, Big Brothers Big Sisters Windsor Essex, Welcome Centre Shelter for Women, Kat’s Orphan Kitten Rescue, Amherstburg Community Services, The Summit Centre for Preschool Children with Autism, Little Hands Kids for a Cause, ALSO – Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario, Fantastic Fathers, Windsor Residence for Young Men, ADOPT A VET, Family Services Windsor-Essex, and Natural Pathways Forest and Nature School.


The four-hour meeting to determine a winner.


Determining a winner from so many deserving groups was a challenge. The Generator Team considered not only the number of nominations received, but also the quality of the reasons for why a particular group should win. We narrowed the nominations down to three top finalists, Arts Collective Theatre, TLC Animal Aid, and Second Chance Animal Rescue. After thorough consideration, research, nomination tallies, and healthy debating, we arrived at a consensus.


This year’s winner deserves to be TLC Animal Aid. They not only received the most number of nominations, but additionally, truly heartfelt statements and reasons why this organization would benefit from the grand prize.


We met with Nina and Nadia of TLC to better understand their mission, goals, and brand. Joining them were two charming dogs named Zoey and Jackson, a brother and sister looking for their forever home. They sat in on the meeting, and of course so did Leia the Sheltie, who wasn’t about to be left out of the action. As our Goodwill Ambassador, Leia is especially looking forward to working with TLC (and of course, so do we!) whose mission is to inspire, educate, and empower our community to understand, love and protect our amazing animals.



To learn more about this amazing animal welfare group, visit