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Canadian Historical Aircraft Association

Earlier this year, we held our annual WindUp contest where we give a small local business in Windsor-Essex County the chance to win a creative “windup” on their brand. This year’s winner is the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association.


Meetings are always a wonderful way to get to know our clients and find out more about them, their business and how they operate. However, when we get the chance to actually visit the organization – that’s something special. Late this summer, we took a break from the design table and took a ride over to meet our friends, located near the Windsor International Airport and have a peak behind the curtain.


The Canadian Historical Aircraft Association is dedicated to preserving, maintaining, restoring and displaying antique or vintage military aircraft and artifacts. Seeing these aircraft up close and being able to examine them and touch them allowed us to really get a sense of the hard work and dedication the Association continues to put in to their trade. Plus, it’s a very rare and wonderful thing to see  World War II era aircraft that are still able to take flight.


The Association also houses a wonderful collection of artifacts concerning the history of flight in Windsor-Essex County as well as our participation in the First and Second World Wars. You can see everything from vintage photo albums and log books to veteran flight suits and tactical gear.


The Canadian Historical Aircraft Association has a lot in store for their future and we are very excited to be along for the flight. Stay tuned for more updates as we unveil the new look for the Association in the coming months as well as other fun items.


We were very enthusiastic to visit the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association and are very happy we did. Take it upon yourself to see it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.