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Case Study

Julien’s House: Share Their Name Campaign

Julien’s House offers a welcoming place where people affected by the death of a loved one can come for compassion and support through their personal journey. Their mission is to support, educate, and offer companionship to individuals through their grief experience.

The Task

Julien’s House came to us with the goal of launching a campaign centred around remembering loved ones that have passed. The Share Their Name campaign supports the notion that you won’t hurt your loved one by mentioning their name. You are giving them a gift by telling their story, sharing their memories, and speaking about their life.

The campaign would require its own logo, an online store, and a series of social media graphics to promote the campaign and its products.

The Process

Our first task was to develop a logo to serve as a starting point for the campaign’s visual identity. Carrying over the colours from the Julien’s House logo, several concepts were produced incorporating different ideas and imagery. The design we ultimately landed on incorporates a heart, to represent the campaign’s message of cherishing the memory of our loved ones, and leaves, to visually tie it to the Julien’s House logo.

With the logo in place, we set forth developing a series of graphics to promote the campaign on social media. In addition to this, a lawn sign and wristband were designed, and an online store selling these products was developed and integrated with the Julien’s House website.

The Result

With all the pieces in place, the Share Their Name campaign was launched. As with any design, conveying its message is as important as its visual appeal, and the final product speaks to the compassion and support that Julien’s House offers those who are grieving. In addition to raising awareness and starting a conversation about how we can honour the lives of our loved ones, the online store brought in funds for Julien’s House that will go toward the bereaved in their community.

Collaborating with Julien’s House on such an inspiring project has been a wonderful experience for all of us at Generator Design. We are always thrilled when an opportunity to give back to our community comes our way, and we look forward to seeing how Julien’s House continues to grow.

Laura Kay, Julien’s House Executive Director